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Marc and Kim Millon are well known and award-winning wine, food and travel authors. Vino provides us with an opportunity to share wines from producers we care passionately about and who produce wines that are genuine and full of character and personality. Its a way too to connect with wine lovers who share our approach not just to wine but to the enjoyment of food, life itself. Above all, we’re simply wine enthusiasts like you and we look forward to sourcing and bringing to you direct the wines we love drinking ourselves!

We work closely and in strategic partnership with our good friends Geoff and Anna Bowen of Pebblebed Wines, sharing their Wine Cellar in Topsham for regular Saturday morning openings, as well as collaborating on special Vino events, trips and happenings in the Pebblebed vineyards.

Geoff Bowen (l) and Marc Millon select grapes at the harvest



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