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Visiting the wine country to taste and enjoy at the source is something we envisage as central to our activities. It’s the best way to understand and appreciate wine, for by visiting a wine region and meeting the producers, we are then able to place wine in the context of the land from which it comes, the people who make it, the local foods and gastronomy, the unique culture of a place.

Castiglione Falletto, in the heart of the Barolo wine hills

Wine travel
We are not a travel company, but visiting the wine country to taste and learn and enjoy direct at the source is very much part of what we are all about.

As the authors of a numerous books about travelling to the wine country - The Wine Roads of France, The Wine Roads of Italy, The Wine Roads of Spain, The Food Lovers Companion France, The Food Lovers Companion Italy amongst other titles - we are always to offer advice or suggestions about where to go, as well as share contacts with wine producers who we know personally.

We also offer occasional Club Vino trips to the wine country.

Here's a report about a Club Vino trip to visit the Barolo wine hills to see Mario and Luisa Fontana and to taste and experience the wines and foods of Le Langhe at the source.

La Salvetat, Périgord, France
We'd like to recommend a beautiful hotel-restaurant in the Dordogne which makes an ideal base for touring the wine country: La Salvetat, owned and run by Kim’s brother Steve and his wife Ann. The restaurant has an outstanding reputation, serving both the traditional foods of the Perigord as well as a lighter and innovative modern cuisine. Steve will help you to set up visits to local wine estates and generally share his knowledge and enthusiasm for the wines and foods of the Dordogne. (see www.lasalvetat.com)


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